Minor League Buzz, Major League Life


Buzz Meyers is a child of the 1960’s, but rather than a mantra of “drugs, sex and rock and roll,” he was all about baseball, sex and rock and roll….loving the rock music of the era as well as our national pastime of baseball and the major league stars of that decade. And he enjoyed the company of members of the opposite sex whenever and wherever he could.

After attending college and toiling in a couple of different management jobs, learning much along the way, he realizes his dream job of working in professional baseball. Buzz thinks he is in absolute “heaven,” working long hours for the game he loves and then partying the rest of the time. Along the way, he meets many baseball legends, upcoming new stars of the game and many unique characters that he shares his employment and life with.

While he still enjoys living the good life, because he knows life is short, he begins to ease up a little on the partying as he comes to the realization that it has curtailed his chances of promotion. Coupled with the understanding that he is very fortunate to have the opportunity that many people do not, that is to work in a profession that he truly loves, Buzz decides to “give back” and gets very involved in community work to help the less fortunate.

He dabbles in many other hobbies along the way, just for fun…like lecturing, acting, singing and hosting his own radio show. With his love of his country and the democratic way, as well as his passion for U.S. presidential trivia, Buzz decides to run for elected office and has a political race to rival his team’s pennant race at the same time. When it’s all over and he has time to reflect, Buzz basks in the satisfaction that, although he spent his entire life in the minor leagues, he led a major league life!

hard/ soft cover
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