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Minor League Buzz, Major League Life

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I first met my friend Don Miers many years ago when I was a minor league coach and he was director of our baseball complex. I knew him to be hard working, with creative ideas and always bringing innovative events to our facility. Getting to know him over the years, I realized he had a unique sense of humor, but had no idea he was such a gifted comedic writer!  Take advantage of the insight from someone who’s seen and done it all from the training room to the board room.

Reading this book, I found myself laughing out loud at the pranks and antics of the main character, Buzz, and his cronies. I’ve experienced many funny moments and episodes from the uniformed side of the game, but thoroughly enjoyed reading about humor from the front office perspective. What a revelation!

“Minor League Buzz, Major League Life”, is the story of a man starting out in the minors with the dream of making it to the big leagues, like any of us who have ever put on a baseball jersey. However, this guy is wearing business attire, but following that same dream nevertheless. Come along for a fun ride and enjoy the evolution of Buzz from a wide eyed, wild, young executive to….an older one! Think “Bull Durham” meets “Its A Wonderful Life” and enjoy the ride!

Jim Hickey
Pitching Coach
Tampa Bay Rays