How Don Miers Got Healthy Beyond 60

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How Don Miers Got Healthy Beyond 60

By Don Miers,  Osceola County Newsletter, February 2013

I have been in Osceola County for 29 years, arriving as the first Houston Astros employee here when Osceola County Stadium was being constructed in the autumn of 1984.  I went from “tenant” to “landlord” two years later when I became an Osceola County employee for the first time, serving as Stadium Director.  I am on my third stint as a County employee, totaling more than 21 years.  I have also returned to a previous position I once held as Sports Facilities Manager, oversee Austin Tindall Regional Park, the Osceola County Softball Complex, as well as Osceola County Stadium.

I started working out about five years ago so I could enjoying playing with my two grandsons, now ages 9 and 6.  Two years ago, after raising four sons and having the two grandsons, I was blessed with my first granddaughter, the first female in my family, and now have a second granddaughter who joined her sister last year.  I have fun rolling around on the floor with these girls and giving horsey rides to them and the like.  Besides wanting to physically enjoy all their activities with all the grandchildren, I want to stay healthy enough to watch them grow up into adulthood.  Two years ago, I solicited the help of a professional trainer, Ulrick Alfred, at the City Center Gym.  He has been my “Ponce de Leon,” helping me discover my own fountain of youth!  I have dropped 40 pounds and he knows how far to push me in our thrice weekly workouts.  He even got me running, which I haven’t done since being a high school athlete.

My health has improved dramatically.  I watch what I eat and run on days that I am not at the gym.  I have had asthma all my life, but no longer have to puff on my inhaler before working out or running.  I also sleep much better at night and my wife tells me I do not snore like I used to!  I climb up and down stairs, whenever possible, rather than taking an elevator, and am not out of breath after doing so anymore.

In January of this year, Ulrick told me I should sign up for the Kissimmee 5K and I told him he was crazy, that I didn’t think I could do it.  He said I could and we worked hard at running for a month, so at age 60, I ran my first ever 5K.  I am proud to report that I ran it in 34 minutes, 7 seconds… finishing 6th in my age bracket.  Not bad for the first time ever!

In closing, I just want to say that I think it is terrific that the Osceola Board of County Commissioners has supported Human Resources in allowing them to negotiate such a great opportunity for County employees to use the City Center Gym at no cost.  I encourage all employees to take advantage of this benefit.  If I can get in shape after 40 years of being out of shape, anyone can!